EW Enriching Environment

The physical environment at a preschool set up is crucial to learning, and is often referred to as the child’s “third teacher.” Hence at Early Wonders International Preschool we have specifically designed our space to evoke a caring and welcoming atmosphere for our children.

  Early Wonders is a place children want to keep coming back to, that they find exciting, engaging and fun.

EW has an engaging and accessible space that has:

  • Large spacious climate controlled classrooms with structured, age appropriate learning zones;
  • Well researched, age appropriately resourced library with reading area;
  • Large indoor enclosed play area;
  • Play and climbing equipment;
  • Smartboards and other interactive technology in classrooms;


The classrooms are well lit with natural light and provide ample space for free movement.

Each classroom is also well equipped; with a range of multi sensory equipment, and resources for inquiry based engagement and learning, allowing children the choice to learn through individual or group play and activity.

We believe each and every child is unique with varied interests and pace, hence our practitioners ensure that every child’s needs are being met through high quality learning zones in each classroom. Although the learning outcome may be the same, the approach could vary for each child.

Each classroom has an age appropriate and inviting reading corner, a math and science corner for children to be curious about and explore. We also have a dedicated messy corner for art and clay work and a building corner to stir creativity in each classroom.


Indoor Play Space

EW Indoor play space is cushioned to provide safety for play. It’s a place where children can explore, communicate and mimic real life roles of adulthood and explore relationships.

We have a very exciting library from where children are encouraged to take books home.

We have utilized each and every wall and space to provide an engaging learning experience for EW children. We have planned EW facilities to be such that when children walk into EW space they are amazed by what they see.

Safety and Hygiene

In order to keep EW environment as safe as possible for our children; EW indoor play space  and the classrooms have child-friendly soft cushioned flooring.

Cleanliness, hygiene and health are held in high regard at Early Wonders. The environment is cleaned several times in a day and all toys are daily sanitized and disinfected.

Children are taught the importance of hygiene and healthy habits, such as washing hands, brushing teeth and personal hygiene. We ensure children wash hands regularly after activities and before mealtime.