Welcome to Early Wonders (EW) International Preschool, a preschool that builds a strong balanced foundation of academic learning and life skill development in our children. We provide curiosity – driven key early interventions and developmentally appropriate learning experiences that are important for children as they develop the ability to first speak, learn and then reason.

The curriculum is one of the most relevant to present times with a blend of approaches derived from research for Early Childhood at the Harvard School of Education, the Reggio Emilia Approach, Montessori Approach and experiences with the International Baccalaureate (IB) program of inquiry making children independent, internationally minded and enthusiastic learners for life.

EW learning environment is prudently created to boost creativity and imagination in the child. The preschool contains a dedicated indoor play area, high quality learning resources and a wide array of picture and reading books sourced from around the world. We follow strict international guidelines of hygiene and safety for our children.

Qualified and experienced practitioners nurture the development of the whole child through positive and challenging experiences. At Early Wonders International Preschool, we believe that every child is unique. Hence EW learning programs are customized to the learning styles of our children which is achieved not only through our high teacher to student ratio but is also embedded in EW lesson plans. Children learn based on their prior knowledge and advance as they gain understanding of the previous stage to the next stage.

Above all, at Early Wonders we care for the well being, development and happiness of your child. It is my privilege and honor to embark on this learning journey together with yourself and your precious ones. It is the best start you can give your child!

-Namrata Goel

Inquire, Learn, Collaborate, Care

These are cornerstones to Early Wonders mission and philosophy.

  • We want children to be :
  • Active learners and curious, compassionate thinkers;
  • Caring and appreciate collaboration;
  • Inspired to develop a love for learning that lays the foundation for life;

EW Balanced Curriculum

Strong Academic Foundation

Ew curriculum gives equal emphasis to academic learning and life skill development. We provide early interventions and positive curiosity driven experiences to ensure a strong foundation.

Skills for Life

Executive function and Self regulation are skills that are at the center of the brain architecture improving performance and productivity.

Building Relationships

Loving, trustworthy and secure relationships encourage children to be independent and emotionally strong.

EW Programs

8 months – 1.5 years
Class Size

Mother – Toddler

The fun games parents play with their babies during their first few years are extremely precious and vital.

3 – 4 years
Class Size


Early Wonders Nursery program touches upon all the developmental areas.

2 – 3 years
Class Size


Our Early Wonders playgroup/toddlers program is the first step our children take towards independent learning.

4 – 5 years 18
Class Size


At Early Wonders, Kindergarten childrens are encouraged to participate in individual and group activities .

EW Gallery