Building Relationships

At Early Wonders we believe in building trust as the first step towards learning. We strongly believe in handling separation anxiety through parent weaning off policy.

Serve and return interactions between children and our caring and responsive caregivers is fundamental to our philosophy that provides better emotional regulation and acts as a start point towards social skill development.

At Early Wonders we work together with parents as a team to have a positive impact on children’s development and learning. We recognize that you, as parents and guardians, are the first and lifelong educators of your children and, as such, work in partnership with you in order to meet the needs of your children, whilst in our care. Partnerships begin from the time of the parent’s first visit and are built upon during introductory visits. This grows in strength and trust throughout your children’s time at Early Wonders. Staff encourage parents to join in with their child’s learning; reading and adding to their child’s development records; sharing achievements with staff (both verbally and visually) and by discussing their child’s development at informal periods (such as pick up time) and formal sessions (such as student led conferences).

Watch the video below on how Serve and Return Interaction Shapes Brain Circuitry by Center on The Developing Child at Harvard University.

Parent Communication

We believe learning is a three – way process between the child, the parent and the teacher. Hence we believe in communicating every aspect of what your child learns in Preschool with you.

Goal Setting and Assessments: Your child’s progress is observed, recorded and assessed throughout the year. Beginning of every semester unit, information is put up on our Parent notice boards.  This explains what the learning objectives for the unit are going to be. Regular newsletters updates are available with the child’s activities.

Detailed reports are provided to parents twice a year at the end of each semester giving an update on the child’s progress and development. Parents can meet their respective teachers by engaging in a formal parent teacher meeting to discuss these reports.

Individual Portfolio: The school compiles a detailed portfolio of the small developmental milestones achieved by the child across the various areas of development. This is made available to the parents at the end of each semester with their report cards. By the time your child leaves Early Wonders, you will have your child’s developmental journey in hand, celebrating each small milestone!