Strong Academic Foundation

EW curriculum gives equal emphasis to academic learning and life skill development. It is an amalgamation of emotional, social, physical, language, moral, creative and cognitive development to provide positive, flexible engaging experiences that encourage building the self-image of the child and an understanding of the world around him or her.


Our brain is the organ that allows us to perceive and interact with the world around us, to construct meaning and understanding. Research has shown that in the first five years of a child’s life the brain is developing rapidly and creating more than a trillion connections and pathways of learning and hence we provide those early interventions important for children as they create the ability to first speak, learn and then reason. Hence Early childhood development with positive responsive experiences sets the course for school success and adult life.

Watch the video below on how Experiences Build Brain Architecture by Center on The Developing Child at Harvard University.

At Early Wonders International Preschool, we provide positive engaging environments, constructive experiences and stimulus as per the child’s developmental stage to ensure a strong brain architecture in our children. The experiences are built over previous ones and hence keeps creating connections and forming layers over and above what they already know. It is just like how a house gets built up. Basic sensory abilities like hearing and visual are the first to get wired up and these act like the foundation for other abilities like speaking and reading to be built over it.

To explain this further, the child learns to make sounds with their corresponding objects as their first step towards language development. Children as their next step learn that these objects and sounds can also be represented by a mark on a page. With continuous support from caregiver’s, children then learn more complex abilities like writing and comprehension. Each stage builds from what came before.

Every child is unique and we at Early Wonders believe in nurturing each child to blossom with their own interests and at their own pace.