Skills For Life : Executive Function and Self Regulation

“I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I understand” – Anonymous

Skills Like Executive function and Self regulation are  at the center of the brain architecture improving performance and productivity of an individual at the workplace. At the workplace it is about being able to work effectively with others, with distractions & with multiple demands. A child also plays this role by having to manage lots of information and instructions by avoiding distractions.

At Early Wonders we help children reason and use these skills effectively. Let’s consider a situation where the child has to take turns. First of all, the child has to have control to stop what he is doing with the object and pass it to the next child and let the other child get his turn.

But when its his turn again he should be able to use his working memory to remember what he is supposed to be doing with this object. And if the children after him do something unpredictable then he must be able to adjust what he has to do next and  have mental flexibility.

Watch the video below on Executive Function: Skills for life and learning by Center on The Developing Child at Harvard University.

At Early Wonders we train our children with these skills and help strengthen those nerve connections by practice. These are skills that help them to get along with other people, change rules, be flexible, accomplish new things unafraid.